Ambassador Dives into Maintaining Versus Relinquishing Control in Entrepreneurship

Friday, October 4, 2019
Student Insight: MBA Ambassador, Kelly Lorton, reflects on entrepreneurship series

Each day we are faced with countless decisions about how to spend our time, energy and money. Conflicting priorities create difficult situations in which we are ultimately forced to choose what is most important to us and focus our time there. On September 18, local business owners Aru Anavekar and Keith Luedeman joined the Belk College of Business for the Entrepreneurial Decisions Public Speaker Series. The speakers shared insightful anecdotes about their business successes and lessons learned along the way. They emphasized the importance of analysis, timing and accurate self-assessment when you are contemplating the difficult decision about when to retain or delegate control. You need to understand what areas you excel in, and then hire quality people that complement your strengths. Delegating control allows for entrepreneurs to receive a valuable, fresh perspective from someone who was not directly involved in the inception of that particular process, product or service and therefore is less emotionally involved. This exchange provides an incredible opportunity to positively influence and improve upon core competencies. 

Anavekar and Luedeman also shared valuable advice about the importance of identifying priorities early and creating a roadmap to guide the business throughout its initial development. This echoes the primary focus of our lectures for the past several weeks in the MBA capstone course, Global Strategic Management (MBAD 6194). Developing a robust business strategy is essential for long term success, especially within the entrepreneurial sector. Hearing about real business experiences through events like the Entrepreneurial Decisions and CEO Speaker Series helps reinforce the concepts and theories that we study in class — provoking interesting discussions and providing a unique, industry-relevant learning experience. 

UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business offers many incredible opportunities for current students to network and engage with alumni and successful members of the Charlotte business community. Creating connections with local business professionals beyond the classroom is one of the most valuable aspects of the MBA program. While is it is sad to think about graduating and eventually leaving Charlotte, I will always value the relationships I have made here. 

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Article Written by Kelly Lorton, MBA Ambassador

Kelly Lorton, student in the Belk College MBA, serves as a Student Ambassador for her graduate program.  Learn more about Kelly in her Faces of Belk College profile or connect with her via email or LinkedIn.