Hybrid MBA Courses

The Belk College MBA is designed with quality, flexibility, and accessibility in mind. With the increasing demands on students’ time, the Belk College MBA program is starting an exciting new option. MBA core classes are now offered in both a traditional, face-to-face format and in a hybrid online format. Hybrid classes are offered half face-to-face and half online. For students with robust travel schedules and busy lives, this option will allow students to attend core classes face-to-face every other week with online learning taking place the alternating week. This online hybrid format will give students the flexibility of online learning without losing the opportunity to engage with professors and network with classmates.


Benefits of hybrid Courses

  • Same opportunity to interact and engage with peers, professors, and community leaders.

  • Added flexibility to accommodate busy schedules while accomplishing the MBA.

  • Continue to work with the same faculty and curriculum.

  • Expand your network through classmates, professors, community leaders and alumni.

  • The online portion of the courses will enhance what is being learned in the classroom through activities such as discussion boards, online case studies, collaborative online projects, and research assignments.


Courses offered in the hybrid format

  • MBAD 6112 The Economics of Business Decisions
  • MBAD 6131 Management Accounting
  • MBAD 6141 Operations Management
  • MBAD 6152 Financial Management
  • MBAD 6161 Human Behavior in Organizations
  • MBAD 6270 Marketing Management
  • MBAD 6194 Global Strategic Management


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The UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business is committed to our community, including future students. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Belk College MBA has temporarily waived the GMAT/GRE test requirement for Spring 2021 program admissions. 
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