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Student Life

The “typical” Belk College MBA student is difficult to identify. Diverse in age, race, gender, national origin, educational background and work experience, our students bring a unique perspective and a wide range of professional backgrounds to the program.

More than three-quarters of our MBA students are working professionals who attend classes in the evening. Students range in age from 21 to 61 years old, with an average age of 28. International students, who comprise 13 percent of our enrollment, represent more than 27 countries.

While nearly half of the students in the MBA program earned a B.A. in business administration, the other half come from a variety of educational backgrounds – such as engineering, psychology,computer science and English.

In addition, UNC Charlotte MBA students earned their undergraduate degrees from some of the top public and private schools in the country, including Davidson, Duke, N.C. State, Virginia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill and MIT.

The diverse experiences of the students – both in and out of the classroom – add to class discussions and group projects, as each individual shares their unique perspective.

An enhanced orientation program helps new MBA students become acquainted with the UNC Charlotte campus, learn about available resources, and meet fellow students and faculty.

Organizations of interest to MBA students:

Graduate Business Association (GBA)

A student-led organization committed to graduate business students. Membership in the Graduate Business Association is open to all enrolled graduate business students.

Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)

The governing body for graduate students, designed to meet the academic, social, and logistical needs of graduate students enrolled at the university. Membership is open to all graduate students.

Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES)

OASES provides a number of services to adults and evening students, including after-hours pick up and delivery of forms and tuiition payments.


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