UNC Charlotte launches Executive Education Leadership Series

UNC Charlotte's Executive Education Program will launch its Excellence in Leadership series on Tuesday, October 14 at UNC Charlotte's Center City campus.  The Excellence in Leadership series is designed to address contemporary issues in leadership. The series will offer programs that are responsive to today's dynamic and complex business environment.  The October 14 program will offer a morning session in which participants will learn about promoting effectiveness, engagement and innovation by leveraging and leading meetings effectively.  In the afternoon session, participants will discover how constructive self-talk in executives has been found to drive effective leadership of others, engagement, innovation and personal well-being.  For more information or to register for the Excellence in Leadership series, visit exec-ed.uncc.edu/excellenceinleadership.

UNC Charlotte's Executive Education offers open enrollment and custom executive education programs to propel your strategic leadership to the next level.   Our programs are designed for senior-level managers and executives.  From intensive, two-day focused programs to broader, week-long programs with more diverse topics, our executive education programs develop individuals while enhancing organizational performance.  For more information about UNC Charlotte custom and open enrollment programs, visit exec-ed.uncc.edu.

Date Published: 
Friday, September 5, 2014