Belk College welcomes faculty members

The Belk College of Business welcomes seven new faculty members this fall 2014 semester:

"I plan to leverage my industry experience to help the students connect classroom learning with real world application," Gabriel said.

  • Shirley Hunter joins the Department of Accounting as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

Hunter, PhD, CPA, CGFM, is a Commissioned Foreign Service Officer with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). She has worked overseas for USAID for more than 20 years as a Financial Management Officer.

  • Alyson Metcalfe is the new Director of the Master of Science in Real Estate program.

"As a graduate from the inaugural class of UNCC MSRE students, I hold both in-depth knowledge of the program and am deeply vested in its success.  I cannot imagine a more rewarding way to grow this program than to serve as its Director and to be directly involved in both teaching and curriculum development," Metcalfe said.

  • Lisa Schulkind is a new Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics.

"I am excited to join a fast-growing university with a strong commitment to becoming a leading U.S. research institution. Much of my research is in the field of health economics, so I am also excited to be so close to the Carolinas Medical Center and to be at a University that also houses a College of Health and Human Services," Schulkind said.

  • Reginald Silver joins the Department of Business Information Systems & Operations Management as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

"I will be working with a number of subject matter experts and thought leaders who will contribute to my professional development as an educator, researcher, and thought leader in my own right.  By joining the faculty, I will be uniquely positioned to participate in the college’s mission of advancing the community," Silver said.

  • Justin Webb in the Department of Management is the Belk Distinguished Scholar of Business Innovation.

“The leading factor that attracted me to UNC Charlotte was the strong, burgeoning interest in the development of new knowledge. This is particularly important to me because new concepts and ideas are constantly emerging in the world of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs recognize needs, develop solutions and bring those to the marketplace. As an entrepreneurship scholar, I too want to understand the needs of entrepreneurs as well as the broader entrepreneurship community, and add value to their work,” says Webb.

"I am excited about being a part of the Center for Real Estate, which works with trade organizations, businesses leaders, and policymakers both in Charlotte and beyond on emerging real estate issues," Womack said.

7 new faculty members begin this fall semester
Date Published: 
Monday, August 18, 2014