Belk College highlights big data opportunities on Charlotte Talks

Richard Buttimer, Associate Dean for Faculty, Research and Graduate Programs and Professor of Finance, highlighted UNC Charlotte's expertise and programs in big data on WFAE's Charlotte Talks radio program on Aug. 29.

Dr. Buttimer is one of a number of Belk College faculty members contributing to the University’s Data Science and Business Analytics Initiative from the Belk College of Business. As a finance professor, Dr. Buttimer has dealt with Big Data for many years, and is now applying the lessons learned from finance to a number of fields who can now access Big Data.
Buttimer stressed that UNC Charlotte's Data Science and Business Analytics initiative is vital for the region. This initiative is transformative for the university – but more importantly to the people and to the state. Big Data provides the opportunity for data-driving decisionmaking, and to give companies and organizations a much richer picture to make important decisions, he said.

UNC Charlotte is connecting with the Charlotte business community to provide sought-after help in data science and business analytics.  In May, the College was a partner in a Big Data conference that attracted more than 400 Charlotte and regional professionals to learn about the latest in Big Data from national and regional experts. This is an area of huge job growth and there is high demand for highly skilled professionals.

The Belk College is part of a new Professional Science Master’s Program in Data Science and Business Analytics which begins this fall. UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business is integrating analytics across classes – from marketing to finance to management.

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Find out more information about UNC Charlotte's Data Science and Business Analytics initiative and programs.

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Date Published: 
Friday, August 29, 2014