Jared M. Hansen

Associate Professor of Marketing
Friday 250B
Research Professor
Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA)

Dr. Jared M. Hansen, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Marketing in the Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte. A passionate presenter—drawing on a diverse background in business strategy, mathematics, analytical modeling, theater, and ballroom dance, etc.—he has taught university courses, research workshops, open executive education seminars, and global conference addresses across North America, Central America, Europe, and Asia, and he has presented new research at the American Marketing Association marketing educators’ conferences for the last several years. And he has provided customized executive education, consultation, and project research for several companies.

Dr. Hansen was at the forefront of developing and teaching the earliest university-level course in mobile marketing and analytics. He has since developed new curriculum in business analytics and innovation, including the new core class ‘Big Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage’ for the university’s new Data Science and Business Analytics (PSM) master’s program. Among the many awards he has received for his research and teaching, he was a worldwide ‘Top Paper Winner’ at the Global Drucker Challenge on ‘Why Good Management Matters,’ leading to a fellowship at the Global Drucker Forum in Vienna.

Dr. Hansen has been interviewed locally on NPR and Fox News, as well as in other industry media. His grant-winning, path-breaking research on business analytics and firm performance, innovation and capabilities, and corporate social responsibility, digital marketing effects, and ethics has been published in the leading business journals, textbooks, books, and conference proceedings. His research has been cited over 600 times within the last five years, and he serves as a continuing reviewer for a number of leading business scientific journals.

He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from Texas Tech University and his marketing emphasis MBA and engineering Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. Drawing on his past and current professional industry experiences, he continues to publish and speak on managerially relevant, fundamental, and cutting-edge issues that further our understanding of individual and firms in the competitive marketplace and society.

His areas of expertise include: Data Visualization and Storytelling, Creating Competitive Advantage with Big Data Analytics, Mobile/Digital Strategy and Analytics, Survey and Qualitative Research, Systematic Innovation and Creativity, Competence and Capabilities Agility vs. Resource or Technology Lock-in, Branding and Image Positioning, Firm and Market Strategy, Retail Marketing and Merchandising, CSR and Business Ethics.