C. William Sealey

Torrence E. Hemby Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Banking
Friday 311
PhD, University of Georgia
MA, University of Georgia
BA, University of North Carolina at Asheville
Banking theory and practice
Financial institutions and capital markets

Bill Sealey joined UNC Charlotte in 1996 from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he was a member of the faculty of management, the Bank of Montreal Chair of Banking and Finance, associate dean of the M.B.A. program, chairman of the finance area and co-director of the Applied Investments program. Dr. Sealey’s research in financial institutions and capital markets, banking theory and practice, finance theory and corporate finance has been published extensively in academic and professional journals. He regularly makes presentations at major conferences in economics and finance, serves as referee for international publications and granting agencies and serves as consultant to governments and businesses. Dr. Sealey served as the associate dean for faculty and research in 2009-10.