MBA Program Outline

The MBA degree program is comprised of 37 graduate hours: the Core Courses (22 hours) and the Elective/Concentration Component (15 hours).

Each prospective student’s transcripts will be evaluated during the admissions process to determine if any Preparatory Courses will be required before they are permitted to take Core Courses.

Students may transfer up to six hours of course work from an AACSB-accredited institution or equivalent. Approval is required from the relevant academic department, the Director of the MBA program, and the Graduate School.

Preparatory Courses

These courses are not required for admission to the MBA Program. However, students must successfully complete courses in the Preparatory Courses before enrolling in 6000-level courses, except by permission of the MBA Director.

Students who have previously completed academic course work in these subject areas may be waived from taking one or more of the Preparatory Courses. Course waivers will be determined upon application to the MBA Program. Click here for a list of UNC Charlotte undergraduate course equivalencies.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MBAD 5110 Foundations of Economics 3
MBAD 5131 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting and Financial Management 3
MBAD 5141 Business Statistics and Quantitative Analysis 3
MBAD 5121 Business Information Systems 3

Core Courses (22 hours)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
MBAD 6100 Leadership, Ethics and the Business Environment Seminar 1
MBAD 6112 The Economics of Business Decisions 3
MBAD 6131 Management Accounting 3
MBAD 6141 Operations Management 3
MBAD 6152 Financial Management 3
MBAD 6161 Human Behavior in Organizations 3
MBAD 6270 Marketing Management 3
MBAD 6194 Global Strategic Management 3

Concentration & Elective Courses (15 hours)

Students complete 15 credit hours of elective courses specified for a concentration or as free electives. Students may enroll in electives as soon as they have completed the prerequisites for each course. MBAD 6890 (Directed Individual Study) and MBAD 7090 (Special Topics in Business) may be included in a concentration with permission of the MBA Director and the related Department.

Concentration & Elective Courses